BYD EA1 price in Australia to be well under $35,000 – Report

At Auto Shanghai 2021 last week, BYD unveiled the BYD EA1, the first model of its new “e” product range. Nexport, the official distributor of BYD vehicles in Australia, has confirmed that the EA1 will be launched in Australia. Order books are slated to open on the 1st of July 2021, as per a report from CarAdvice.

Nexport plans to launch the BYD EA1 in July and begin customer deliveries in Q1 2022 (January-March 2022). The local importer will price the EA1 “well under AUD 35,000.” Its founder claims that the range of the new electric car is approximately 500 km, and its 0-100 km/h acceleration time is “less than 5.0 seconds.” BYD plans to make an EA1 variant offering higher performance as well, as per the report.

The BYD EA1 has been designed by Wolfgang Egger, the former Audi design chief who is now the Global Design Director at BYD. The weird little electric hatchback is the first BYD model to adopt the company’s “marine design concepts,” and it premieres a new logo as well. The new Chinese EV features a swoopy but odd-faced front and sporty side and rear structures. The interior has a fluidic and minimalist design theme and a huge central touchscreen in landscape orientation.

This is our urban dream. It is a vision. It’s not just a car, but it is a device for future mobility in the city. It’s compact, it’s fresh, individual, and an icon. As you remember, I always say that a car should be defined only by three lines (inaudible). It’s a new architecture for electric mobility, and only these three lines, they define the shape. It’s really unique. It’s an icon. You see once, and you never forget again, can you?

Wolfgang Egger, Design Director, BYD

BYD has built the EA1 on its new e-platform 3.0, and even though it is a small car meant for the city, it has a high level of specification. For example, the car supports 800-volt high-power chargers for rapid charging. Recharging time would be close to refueling an ICE car as possible in the current stage of EV developments in the industry. The range is expected to be between 400-500 km per China’s NEDC standard.

BYD calls e-platform 3.0 “the cradle of the next generation of electric vehicles.” It allows parameters like 2.9-second 0-100 km/h acceleration time, a 1,000 km range, and rapid-charging at a level powerful enough to gain a 150 km range in just five minutes. The battery pack branded “Blade” will be integrated into the design of the vehicle body as a structural part. The company suggests that the torsional rigidity of e-platform 3.0 models will be double that of its ICE models.

According to a report from, the EA1 will cost between CNY 100,000 and 140,000 (AUD 19,815-27,741) in the Chinese market.

Image Source: Weibo/BYD