First new BSA bike could enter production this summer – Report

A new report from the Banbury Guardian talks about the production schedule of the upcoming BSA bike, which would be followed by a BSA electric bike in 2022. The British report says that manufacturing of the internal combustion engine model could start this summer (June-September). The new BSA bike factory, located in Banbury, UK, will create 100 jobs. The BSA Company will construct an R&D centre there, before beginning series production of its new-age bikes.

Media hype is forming around the revival of the Mahindra-owned iconic BSA brand, which is working towards the launch of a BSA Electric bike. Anupam Thareja, Head of Classic Legends, talked about the BSA relaunch in an interaction with in December 2020.

Classic Legends, a Mahindra Group company, enjoys a controlling stake in BSA since 2016. Thareja said in the interview that it would be impossible to see BSA bikes carrying a design from anywhere other than its home, which is the UK. This indicates that the company has finalized a truly British design for the upcoming bikes, including the BSA electric bike. Further, Thareja said that the brand’s comeback is “design-led” hinting that its form would be talking point for customers, not necessarily the electronic gadgets or features.

Jawa electric bike rendering front three quarters
There is no word on the launch of BSA motorcycles in India though components could be shipped from Indian suppliers. EVW’s idea of a Jawa electric bike pictured for reference.

Classic English motorcycle brand BSA is all set to make a comeback, thanks to an investment from Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group, as well as a government grant. A news article on UK’s, had suggested in November 2020 that the BSA electric bike is a major part of the iconic British brand’s revival.

The report said that BSA Company will start the construction of an R&D facility in Banbury, UK very soon. It plans to develop electric bike technology there but launch an internal combustion engine bike first, in 2021. The first BSA electric bike would arrive in the market right after the ICE model’s launch next year, though, as per the report. On the other hand, had reported that the BSA electric motorcycle would launch by the end of this year.

Anand Mahindra has chosen to invest in the UK for BSA’s resurrection to retain the brand’s production history. The UK government has given BSA Company a GBP 4.6 million grant for developing electric bikes. Anupam Thareja, Founder, Classic Legends, had told the British website that he hoped to construct a new BSA bike plant near the original Small Health site. The first new petrol BSA bikes would cost between GBP 5,000 and GBP 10,000.

While the new BSA bikes, including the BSA electric bike, seem to eye customers mainly in the UK market, the bikes could arrive in India eventually. Manufacturing may take place locally, alongside the Jawa bikes in Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh, perhaps starting with CKD assembly. 2022 could be the year we see the first new BSA bike in a showroom here.

What is the BSA electric bike launch date?

The BSA electric bike could be launched for customers as early as the first half of 2022.

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