Bounce converts its TVS Scooty into an electric scooter

Bengaluru-based smart mobility startup Bounce in September said it was entering the electric scooter market of India with its own offering, the Bounce N3310, priced at Rs 46,000 excluding the battery. Vivekananda Hallekere, the founder of the company, said that Bounce would introduce its own product and was expecting to start deliveries in December after the necessary approvals were procured.

Bounce has said that it intends to add 4000 electric scooters to its fleet by February and by the third quarter of nect year, it wants to transition its entire fleet to electric power.

Hallekere went on social media on November 26 to announce that the second product of Bounce’s own scooter portfolio was ready for customer trials. He confirmed to ElectricVehicleWeb that both products would be available to customers. “Currently it’s not for outside sale but for in-house consumption,” he said when pressed for details on the new scooter. The founder invited a few users for a test drive activity that weekend in Bengaluru to gather feedback and improve the product before mass production.

Photos Hallekere shared show a vehicle that appears to be an electrified TVS Scooty Zest, which could be easy to ride and appealing to the fairer sex and the youth (where the N3310 could be preferred by the burly). The unnamed Bounce scooter has a chic styling and compact looks with a dual tone apron and headlight on the handlebar.

It is not clear yet if the gliders are from TVS Motor (retrofitted with battery & motor by Bounce) or if existing vehicles have undergone an engine swap. A couple of changes are that the map pocket is removed for extra leg room and the seat is a single tone fabric.

Bounce electric scooter 2021
Bounce’s vehicle fleet is populated with the TVS Scooty Zest and it could be that the company is retrofitting them with an electric powertrain.

The front suspension is a telescopic unit, and at the back it could be double rated springs with hydraulic monoshock. The scooter has anti-slip floorboard, fabric seat with rough texture and a hook for shopping bag. The missing pieces in this jigsaw are the the rear view mirrors and finally what to call it! The range and top speed are to be updated.

Bounce has served well over 25 million rides in Bengaluru alone, and its electric scooters would reduce fuel bills and emissions. The company has tie-ups with Ather and Ampere and already has many electric scooters in its fleet.

Bounce was founded in 2014 by Vivekananda Hallekere, Varun Agni and Anil G with an aim of providing better services in the urban mobility segment of India. The company started out as a luxury bike rental service under the name WickedRide but then shifted to curating the commuting sector.