Bollinger Motors unveils E-Chassis, the world’s first Class 3 electric platform

Michigan-based EV startup Bollinger Motors has unveiled the E-Chassis electric platform upon which the company’s B1 sport utility truck and the B2 pickup are built. Bollinger is claiming that the E-Chassis is the world’s first and only Class 3 electric platform.

The E-Chassis has been designed and developed for use in commercial applications and versatility, as it is a fully customisable platform. The chassis can be configured in many ways to include front, rear or all-wheel-drive configurations, with or without portal gear hubs and can be fitted with up to 180 kWh battery packs.

By default, the E-Chassis will be fitted with a 120 kWh battery pack and can had with an optional 180 kWh battery pack. Other features of the platform include all-wheel-drive and all-terrain capabilities, ultra-low centre of gravity, easily adjustable wheelbases, dual motor, portal gear hubs and 2260 kg payload.

Bollinger Motors has also equipped the E-Chassis with independent front and rear suspension with the hydro-pneumatic self-levelling system, electronic stability and traction control, hydraulic brakes with ABS, ESC, TCS, hydraulic power steering, integrated thermal management system and 5-15 kW on-board charger/inverter.

The E-Chassis will be made available for commercial use in 2021 with the B1 and B2 trucks. CEO Robert Bollinger has said that the E-Chassis can not only fit cab-on-chassis but can also accommodate entirely new truck bodies.

Bollinger B1 and B2

Bollinger Motors showcased the B1 and B2 trucks last year that featured a 120 kWh battery pack, with a 320 km range. The trucks have patent-pending storage options, dual motors, in-wheel portal gear hubs, 2260 kg payload capacity and 15-inch ground clearance. Price of the all-electric, all-wheel-drive trucks was announced to be $125,000 and the company is looking at low-volume targets, starting initially in the US next year.