BMW X8 Hybrid – Everything we know in June 2021 [Update]

The BMW X8 is expected to be a bespoke car from the Bavarian brand’s M division, based on the platform of the X7. Not much, in fact, nothing has been confirmed about the highly-awaited new M car, but the coupe-SUV should arrive next year with a base price of around €93,000 in Europe.

Let’s take a look at everything we know about BMW’s to-be flagship SUV:


The BMW X8 will have a more aggressive design than the X7 on which it is based, with the prominent difference arising from the coupe-ish roofline. Frighteningly, test prototypes indicate that the huge kidney grille on this SUV could be bigger than the pair on the X7. Moreover, the highly camouflaged test mules seen in several spy images shot in Europe seem to have been fitted with temporary headlights similar to those on test prototypes of the BMW i7 e-saloon.

BMW X8 front
The X6 M Competition was an excellent effort by BMW’s M division, and it sets high expectations for the X8 M which is the biggest car M has fettled. Image: kurt.muc & Wilco Blok.

However, the production model will likely carry larger LED headlamps with daytime running lights. The tail-end of the X8 has been camouflaged on the test mules, but it does look like the brake lights, positioned at a lower level, will be as wide (to emphasize the width of the car) and slim as those found on the X7. The rear should carry large exhaust ports for a dash of aggression and announce that this daily driver feels right at home even on the Autobahn and the Nurburgring.

Reports say that the BMW X8 range will include a high-performance BMW X8 M or BMW XM with an angrier and more aerodynamic exterior styling. Auto illustrator Shkelqim Ameti has worked on an immaculate rendering of the BMW X8 M with details like a gloss black Kidney Grille featuring the BMW M logo, a sportier bumper, and gloss black mirrors in a sharper design. Elsewhere, one can expect distinctive alloy wheels, a dark window surround, a unique rear bumper, vertically stacked twin tailpipes, darkened tail light clusters, and a carbon-fiber roof spoiler.

BMW X8 Interior

We’re yet to get a glimpse of the X8’s interior, either in a spy shot or in a teaser. However, it’s likely to be a step-up from the cabin of the X7. We’re sure of a widescreen infotainment unit running on BMW’s latest iDrive software. The X8 could share this infotainment system with the BMW iX. The rear headroom will be lower than what the X7 offers, and so would the luggage space, particularly due to the sloping roofline, while the tailgate could have a split opening for practicality.


Test mules of the BMW X8 have been spotted bearing ‘Hybrid Test Vehicle’ stickers, a clear indication of the X8 featuring an electric motor to aid the engine.

According to a report from BMWBlog, the BMW X8 M could come in a standard sub-variant and a Competition sub-variant. The latter may feature a plug-in hybrid powertrain comprising a 4.4-litre V8 petrol engine working with an electric motor and generating up to 552 kW (750 PS/740 hp). The BMW X8 M Competition could become the first-ever BMW M model to feature a plug-in hybrid powertrain and the most powerful production-spec BMW car.

According to another report from BMW Blog, the range will include a BMW X8 M45e PHEV as well. This cheaper, BMW M Performance variant may settle for a setup similar to the BMW 745e. The BMW 7 Series plug-in hybrid in question combines a 3.0-litre inline six-cylinder single-turbo gasoline engine with an electric motor. The engine develops 210 kW (286 PS) and 450 Nm, while the motor generates 83 kW (113 PS) and 265 Nm. The net result is 290 kW (394 PS) of power and 600 Nm of torque.

BMW X8 rear
While BMW M would rather work on go-faster coupes and sedans, consumer demand for SUVs dictates the need for more performance SUVs. Image: kurt.muc & Wilco Blok.

Release Date

The 2021 LA Auto Show set to take place from November 17-28, 2021, would be a befitting event for the world premiere of a large BMW SUV like the BMW X8. However, some reports are speculating an IAA 2021 (2021 Munich Motor Show) unveil. The German motor show will open on September 6, 2021, and run through September 12, 2021. The first-ever car developed grounds up by the M division will be seen pitted against large SUVs like the Range Rover and Mercedes GLS. Its sales may commence in 2022.


What is the release date of the BMW X8?

The BMW X8 is expected to arrive in European markets in 2022.

Which are the core competitors to the BMW X8?

The first-ever car developed by the M division will challenge premium large SUVs Range Rover & Mercedes GLS.

What is the expected price of the BMW X8?

Expect the BMW X8 to start at around €93,000 in Germany.

Featured image: BMW X8 or BMW XM render by Shkelqim (Instagram: bmw43__)