Belarus-based firm keen to display its Electric Motorcycle in India

Punch Motorcycles, based in the Eastern European country of Belarus, wants to make environment friendly vehicles that are easy to ride and easy to park without compromising on performance and quality.

Their first motorcycle has been inspired by the bikes that ran on the Parisian streets in the 80s and gets compact dimensions, modest weight, spoke wheels, high ground clearance and long suspension travel. It is to be available in two power outputs – 11 kW version with a top speed of 105 km/h and 15 kW version with a top speed of 120 km/h. The battery pack consists two units that can be easily detached to be charged at home and offer a range of up to 120 km per charge. To be really environment friendly, the bike is silicone-free and uses a steel frame, aluminium body kit and is devoid of any unwanted add-ons.

EVW interacted exclusively with Punch Motorcycles’ founder Andrei Ginzbourg about the bike and the company’s plans for commercialization. Here are the excerpts.

Launch plan of the electric motorcycle and the price

The project maturity level is sufficiently high. We already have a prototype of PUNCH electric motorcycle that we are testing on the proving ground and in urban environments. We are planning to introduce a production-ready model to the market in 2022. We are focusing on the target price of less than 6800 Euros for consumers in Europe.

Manufacturing and target markets

We are planning to organize motorcycle assembly production in Western Europe. However, it will be advisable to manufacture some key and innovative components such as an electric motor and inverter of our own design at our production facilities in Belarus.

Design overview of the bike and inspiration

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that PUNCH motorcycle is definitely new and innovative product on the market. It has nothing to do with traditional motorcycles. The idea of ​​creating such a motorcycle came from the “Z” generation’s request for a unique visual language, different from the style aimed by older generations.

We have made an in-depth study of the market including researches with focus groups, resulting in a clear understanding that young people have got a need for such a new “gadget” that brings a lot of driving emotions that is environmentally friendly, technological and innovative, and has a fresh and expressive styling.

Ideology of PUNCH is the modern interpretation of the supermotards concept, the type of motorcycles born on streets in Paris in late 80s. Light-weight, compact dimensions with outstanding road stability.

PUNCH has been engineered for aggressive daytime driving in a city with its traffic jams, curb stones, sidewalks and with a real fun. Impressive dynamics is achieved even when using an electric motor of limited power (designed in accordance with EU legislation), due to its elasticity and acceleration ability.

It fits perfectly into the urban environment of megacities and old European cities where there is a lack of charging stations and underground parking. Due to the motorcycle’s zero emission and noiselessness it is possible to ride Punch into the stairway hall or pub. Compact dimensions and absence of gasoline smell make it possible to store Punch at the stairway next to bicycles, sporting equipment and prams.

In terms of innovation, besides original configuration with quick-release side battery packs, there is the low-voltage (48V) new-generation electric system that can be serviced and repaired at a regular motorcycle service shop by uncertified mechanics.

Company and product background

Our company is called KG IMPEX, it was founded in 2014 in Belarus. The company is focused on the development of electric powertrains for wide range of vehicles. In our portfolio there are developments for motorcycles, cars and city buses.

As for PUNCH motorcycle, we began this project only at the end of 2019. In fact, the first generation prototype was designed and built in 5 months.

Plans to showcase or introduce your product in the Indian market

Of course, India is one of the most interesting and extensive markets for motorcycles. However, PUNCH is a fairly niche product, so it is planned to introduce it first to the European consumer.

Nevertheless, we would really like to study the reaction and get feedback on this product from Indian consumers. Therefore, we think, after the start of production, we will present our product in India.

Features of the Punch Electric Motorcycle

  • in-house developed electric motor (synchronous-reactive with permanent magnets, rated power is 11/15 kW, max power 25 kW) with an original liquid cooling system.
  • unique packaging with side placement of quick-detachable batteries and original kinematics of its demounting and installation, eliminating the risk of sports injury even for an untrained rider during daily demounting and installation of battery packs.
  • low-voltage electric system (48V) enabling service and repair by uncertified mechanics in motorcycle service shops.
  • compact chassis (1280 mm wheelbase) designed for aggressive driving in modern megapolises.
  • ‘Suprematist’ design, focused on “Z” generation’s request for a unique visual language, different from the style loved by older generations.
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