Ather 450X under Ather One plans to be announced on Oct 20

Ather Energy has announced that it will launch the Ather 450X under the Ather One plans tomorrow. Ather One is the company’s branding for Ather electric scooter subscription plans which covers everything from the connected features, Ather Grid charging, vehicle service and roadside assistance in a single window.

The Ather 450 Plus and the Ather 450X were launched in January with two ownership models: outright purchase and battery subscription. The upfront purchase prices of these new Ather electric scooters in Bengaluru were INR 1,49,000* and INR 1,59,000* respectively. Alternatively, customers could pay for the Ather 450X without battery – INR  99,000 (ex-showroom Bengaluru) – and subscribe to a battery plan.

The battery subscription ownership model would allow the customer to switch between a ‘Plus’ pack with standard performance and a ‘Pro’ pack with better performance and more smart features.

Tomorrow, Ather Energy is likely to simplify the whole Ather 450X and Ather 450 Plus pricing structure making it easier for the customers to decide between the two variants and ownership models. The company plans to begin deliveries in the first cities where it already has retail presence – Bengaluru and Chennai – in November.

Ather Energy will expand retail outlets to a total of 11 cities by March 2021. The company plans to start sales of the 450X in Hyderabad, Pune, Kochi, Ahmedabad and Kolkata also in November. Delhi and Mumbai will get the new electric scooter in mid-December, and then deliveries in Coimbatore and Kozikhode will start in Q1 2021. Ather 450X test rides in Ahmedabad and Pune have begun, and more cities should join the list in the coming weeks.

Ravneet Singh Phokela, CBO and Tarun Mehta, CEO & Co-founder Ather Energy with Series 1, collector's edition of Ather 450X
Ather 450X customers with a pre-booking (reservation before launch) can exclusively upgrade to the Ather 450X Series1 featuring translucent body panels and unique graphics.

Ahead of the Phase 1 sales outlet expansion plan, Ather Energy is installing Ather Grid in new cities to have a convenient charging network ready for its customers in these locations. The company has 40 fast-charging stations currently (37 in Bengaluru and 13 in Chennai), and it plans to have installations in 135+ locations ready by December.

Be sure to check this page tomorrow as we update the story with details from the announcement.

*Incl. GST and FAME II incentive, excl. state subsidy, insurance, road tax and registration charges.