Asahi AKXY Concept – Auto Expo Component 2020 Live

Japanese materials supplier, Asahi Kasei showcased the Asahi AKXY concept at the Auto Expo Component 2020. Asahi Kasei developed the concept in partnership with GLM, an electric vehicle manufacturer to showcase the use of its advanced materials and technology that can be adopted by other manufacturers.

The AKXY is a fully driveable electric concept that has been built using a wide variety (27 products in all) of Asahi Kasei materials, components, and systems. From engineering plastics that will replace metal enabling weight reduction, artificial suede for seats, and an in-car communication system with various speech processing technology, most of these materials and technology are available for adoption in mass-produced vehicles.

The concept car uses low-VOC Tenac polyacetal (POM) to improve air quality in the cabin, a panoramic roof using glass-reinforced Thermylene polypropylene, UV-resistant Leona polyamide for exterior mirror brackets and some interior applications, such as the thin-walled and unpainted blades of the dashboard venting system.

For sound insulation inside the car, Asahi Kasei has fitted the car with polyamide bead foam, the first of its kind as the company claims. The polyamide also has features such as high heat and chemical resistance and noise reduction.

Asahi Kasei has also equipped the car accident prevention technology that includes a contactless vital sign sensing system that will detect the pulse of drivers and CO2 sensors to monitor the in-car environment.