Funky to Furious? 2022 Toyota Sienta to get new looks & tech [Update]

Update: Best Car is now narrowing down the unveil of the 2022 Toyota Sienta. It says that July 2022 is when Toyota plans to unveil the next-gen Japanese mini-MPV which will come equipped with a screen measuring 10 inches or more diagonally, and the latest version of Toyota Safety Sense.

On 8 December 2020, Best Car reported that the new Toyota Sienta will debut in the middle of 2022, a year later than previously reported. The current, second-gen model debuted in July 2015 and previous generations have had a quirky character that aim to mitigate the feeling of MPVs as bland and boring cars. The third-gen previewed in the rendering of is visibly more aggressive.

The rendered Toyota Sienta features sleeker, inline LED headlamps that are also angular and upswept for a more emotional look, sharp and prominent C-shape cuts on the front bumper and an upright nose. On the sides, the wheel arches are noticeably more pronounced. The beltline has been straightened up and it ends with a sharp kick from the end of the C-pillar. So, from the sides, the new Toyota Sienta looks muscular and sportier.

The development project for the next Sienta is currently on in Japan and is not part of the 2021 new model launch schedule. Toyota has a busy schedule this year with all-new cars like the Land Cruiser, Noah, 86, Aqua, and Corolla Cross lined up to be introduced, the Best Car report lays out. To keep the pipeline from drying up, it has posted the Sienta model change for 2022.

TNGA GA-B platform Toyota Yaris
GA-B, the TNGA platform’s smallest version, will likely underpin the 2022 Toyota Sienta.

Before COVID-19, Toyota sold about 6,000 Sientas in the Japanese market every month and lagged behind the Honda Freed, which seems to have a better appeal among Japanese customers.

The development of the new model is on the TNGA frame. Best Car says the wheelbase is extended 50 mm for a more spacious interior and the car will continue coming in 5- and 7-seat variants. Toyota is likely to develop the 2022 Sienta on the basis of the GA-B version of TNGA, which currently underpins the European and Japanese Yaris and Yaris Cross. This should lead to improved driving dynamics and safety, a roomier cabin, lower NVH levels, a more engaging driving position and many extra features.

On the powertrain Best Car says the family van is to be powered by an “improved” 1.5L natuarally aspirated gasoline engine that will get hybrid variants. The battery pack will switch from a nickel-metal hydride to lithium-ion chemistry. The report says the fuel consumption would be lowered on the new car which will use a CVT. An optional 4WD system would also be introduced.

The powertrain of the 2022 Toyota Sienta will likely combine the new M15A-FXE 1.5-litre Dynamic Force Engine (91 PS/120 Nm), the 1NM front motor (80 PS/141 Nm) and the (optional) 1MM rear motor (5.3 PS/52 Nm). The new hybrid system is already in use on GA-B platform models.

On the aspect of safety, the 2022 Toyota Sienta is to come with the “Toyota Safety Sense” package as standard equipment. The company hopes that the added space, features and efficiency would increase sales to 10,000 Sientas per month, as per Best Car.