Signal from Bremen indicates 2021 Mercedes C-Class is quite near

It’s going to be a busy second half for the Stuttgart product teams. With the the next-gen Mercedes S-Class W223 out now, the next-gen Mercedes C-Class W206 is next in the queue to break cover.

We say this as Daimler has stopped manufacturing the fourth-gen Mercedes C-Class W205 at the Bremen plant in Germany, as per a report from Bremen is the mother plant of the C-Class and the end of production of the W205 signals preparations are on to welcome the W206 series.

On 4 September 2020, a spy shot leaked the front-end of the 2021 Mercedes C-Class.

2021 Mercedes C-Class exterior

The Mercedes C-Class will maintain its true business car stature and retain its elegant proportions moving into its fifth generation. The above picture from cochespias’ account is the clearest look at the front end so far. Like the 2021 Mercedes S-Class, the 2021 Mercedes C-Class will feature straightened, flat headlamps that look wider and sleeker, and a sharpened radiator grille. Both these redesigned parts would emphasise the width of the car. The new bonnet would have powerdomes like on the Mk2 Mercedes CLA.

Previously, spy videos, courtesy Youtube channel walkoARTvideos, have shown the Mercedes C-Class’ belt line adopting a small curve, in a style inspired by the smaller Mercedes A-Class. The vertical tail lamps will be replaced by horizontal lights for a sleeker styling, in what will be another influence of the compact-class model. Straightened up, slimmer headlamps would lend the required aggressiveness to the front while retaining the elite appearance.

Video courtesy: WalkoART Youtube channel

2021 C-Class interior

Several interior changes are noteworthy. Spy pictures published on various sites over the last few months have revealed a 2021 Mercedes S-Class-inspired cockpit layout with an upright fully-digital instrument cluster and a steeply angled centre console. Unlike in the current Mercedes C-Class, the infotainment system display will sit flush with the centre console, positioned much lower, between the new, squarish air vents. Another difference would be the touch-operated buttons for the climate control system.


The next-gen Mercedes C-Class reportedly rides on the MRA2 platform, an upgraded version of the current base. The entry-level engine options may include the M 264 1.5- and 2.0-litre petrol units, the M 254 2.0-litre petrol unit and the OM 654 M 1.6- and 1.9-litre diesel units. In the higher-output range, we expect the M 256 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder petrol and the OM 656 2.9-litre in-line six-cylinder units.

None of the engines will be left out on electrification this time. 48-volt mild-hybrid technology will be standard, and it could be offered with a BSG (Belt-driven Starter Generator)/RSG (Riemengetriebener Starter Generator) and/or an ISG (Integrated Starter Generator).

The 2021 Mercedes C-Class plug-in hybrid could be offered with electrified versions of the M 254 2.0-litre petrol and OM 654 M 2.0-litre diesel in-line four-cylinder engines.

2021 Mercedes C-Class launch date

2021 Mercedes C-Class W206 rear quarters spy shot
The 2021 Mercedes C-Class launch in India may take place perhaps in late 2021 or early 2022. Spy image from WalkoART.

The fifth-gen Mercedes C-Class could debut exactly seven years after the Mk4 model, in December 2020. Sales in Europe may commence in early 2021.

When will the new Mercedes C-Class launch in India?

India may have to wait until late-2021 to see the new C-Class as RHD has to be available, local testing has to complete and sourcing has to get ready.


The 2021 Mercedes C-Class alternatives internationally will include the likes of Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Jaguar XE and Volvo S60.