20% EV parking space reservation mandatory in Delhi’s new constructions

Parking spaces are hard to come by in metro cities, but for early adopters and aspiring EV owners in Delhi, a new incentive is being rolled out. Reserving 20% parking space in all new constructions has been made compulsory in the national capital.

20% of the parking space in newly constructed housing societies, malls, hospitals, public buildings, housing societies and commercial complexes in Delhi will now be exclusively available to EVs. However, we don’t have the clarification as to which type of EVs can benefit from the reserved parking, just BEVs, or even MHEVs, HEVs and PHEVs. India currently has no FCEV on sale, but Hyundai has confirmed that it will explore the feasibility of the Nexo in India including trials. Providing charging facility for the EVs using the reserved parking space will also also be mandatory in the new projects.

A lack of charging infrastructure is among the biggest hurdles in the adoption of electric vehicles in India. The lack of parking space in Tier-I cities, which is where most of the EV sales are expected to come from in the first few years, is also an issue. The Indian government is actively working on solutions to overcome challenges, and the aforementioned changes being incorporated in Delhi’s building bylaws is a part of that.

In the first phase of priority rollout of EV public charging infrastructure, all megacities with a population of over 4 million (as per census 2011) and all existing expressways connected to these megacities as well as important highways connected with each of these megacities may be included.

Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat and Pune are the aforementioned megacities. As for the expressways and highways connecting these cities, below is the list of corridors:

  • Mumbai-Pune Expressway
  • Ahmedabad-Vadodara Expressway
  • Delhi-Agra Yamuna Expressway
  • Delhi-Jaipur
  • Bengaluru-Mysore
  • Bengaluru-Chennai
  • Surat-Mumbai Expressway
  • Agra-Lucknow Expressway
  • Eastern Peripheral Expressway
  • Delhi-Agra NH2 Expressway
  • Hyderabad ORR Expressway
  • 5 connected highways to each city

In related news, ABB India has installed its first public DC fast charger in New Delhi in cooperation with EV Motors India. This charger has been installed at the Terra54 CJG charging station, which caters to CCS2, CHadeMO and AC Type 2 charging protocols.

[Image from ABB India’s Twitter.com page]